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Edwards et al. (2006)
Edwards, K. P.
, J. A. Hare, F. E. Werner and B. O. Blanton.
Lagrangian circulation on the Southeast U.S. Continental shelf: implications for larval dispersal and retention.
Continental Shelf Research, accepted, pp. 49.

Edwards et al. (2006)
Edwards, K. P., F. E. Werner and B. O. Blanton.
Comparison of observed and modeled drifters in coastal regions: an improvement through adjustments for observed drifter slip and errors in wind fields.
Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, pp. 20.

Lough et al. (2005)

Lough, R.G., L.J. Buckley, F.E. Werner, J.A. Quinlan and K.P. Edwards
A general biophysical model of larval Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) growth applied to populations on Georges Bank
Fish. Oceanogr., 14:4, 241-262.

Redfern et al. (2005)
Redfern, J.V., M.C. Ferguson, E.A. Becker, K.D. Hyrenbach, C. Good, J. Barlow, K. Kaschner, M.F. Baumgartner, K.A. Forney, L.T. Ballance, P. Fauchald, P. Halpin, T. Hamazaki, A.J. Pershing, S.S. Qian, A. Read, S.B. Reilly, L. Torres and F. Werner (2005).
Techniques for Cetacean-Habitat Modeling: A Review. 
Marine Ecological Progress Series, accepted.

Lehodey et al. (2005)
Lehodey, P., J. Alheit, M. Barange, T. Baumgartner, G. Beaugrand, K. Drinkwater, J-M. Fromentin, S. Hare, G. Ottersen, R. I. Perry, C. Roy, C.D. van der Lingen and F. Werner (2005)
Climate variability, fish and fisheries.
J. Climate, in press.

Kishi et al. (2005)
Kishi M. J., D. L. Eslinger , M. Kashiwai, B.A. Megrey, D.M. Ware, F.E. Werner, M. Aita-Noguchi, T. Azumaya, M. Fujii, S. Hashimoto, H. Iizumi, Y. Ishida, S. Kang, G.A. Kantakov, H. Kim, K. Komatsu, V. V. Navrotsky, L. S. Smith, K. Tdokoro, A. Tsuda, O. Yamamura, Y. Yamanaka, K. Yokouchi, N. Yoshie, J. Zhang, Y. I. Zuenko, V. I. Zvalinsky (2005) 
NEMURO - Introduction to a lower trophic level model for the North Pacific marine ecosystem. 
Ecological Modelling special issue on coupled LTL-HTL models. Accepted.

Rose et al. (2005)
Rose, K.A. F.E. Werner, Hay D.E., R.A. Klumb, B.A. Megrey, D.W. Ware and Y. Yamanaka (2005)
Latitudinal differences in herring growth response to climatic variability. 
Ecological Modelling special issue on coupled LTL-HTL models. Accepted.

Megrey et al. (2005)
Megrey B. A., K. A. Rose, R. Klumb, D. Hay, F. E. Werner, D. L. Eslinger and L. Smith (2005) 
A bioenergetics population dynamics model of Pacific herring (Clupea pallasii) coupled to NEMURO: Dynamics, description, validation and sensitivity analysis. 
Ecological Modelling special issue on coupled LTL-HTL models. Accepted.

Rose et al. (2005)
Rose, K.A., Megrey, B.A,. Hay, D., Werner, F., Schweigert, J. (2005) 
Climate regime effects on Pacific herring growth using coupled nutrient-phytoplankton-zooplankton and bioenergetics models.
Trans. Am. Fish. Soc., Accepted.

Aretxabaleta et al.(2004)
Aretxabaleta,A., J. Manning, F. E. Werner, K. Smith, B. Blanton, and D. R. Lynch,
Data Assimilative Hindcasting on the Southern Flank of Georges Bank during May 1999: Frontal Circulation and Implications,
Cont. Shelf Res.
25 (7/8), 849-874.

Blanton et al.(2004)
Blanton, B. O., F. E. Werner, H. E. Seim, R. A. Luettich,
D.  R. Lynch, K.  W. Smith, G.  Voulgaris, F.  M. Bingham, and F.  Way
Barotropic tides in the South Atlantic Bight.
J. Geophys. Res., 109, C12024, doi: 10/1029/2004JC002455, 2004.

deYoung et al. (2004)
deYoung, B., M. Heath, F. Werner, F. Chai, B. Megrey and P. Monfray,
Challenges of Modeling Ocean Basin Ecosystems.
Science 304: 1463-1466. 2004.
Supplementary information

Lynch et al. (2004)
Lynch, D., K. Smith, B. Blanton, R. Luettich and F. Werner,
Forecasting the Coastal Ocean: Resolution, Tide, and Operational Data in the South Atlantic Bight.
J. Atmos. Ocean. Tech. 21: 1074-1085, 2004.

Runge et al. (2004)
Runge, J.A., P.J.S. Franks, W.C. Gentleman, B.A. Megrey, K.A. Rose, F.E. Werner, and B. Zakardjian,
Diagnoses and prediction of variability in secondary production and fish recruitment processes: developments in physical-biological modeling.
Chapter 14, In : Robinson, A.R. and K.H. Brink (eds). Global Coastal Ocean: Multi-Scale Interdisciplinary Processes, The Sea, Vol. 13, Harvard University Press, 2004.

Werner et al.(2004)
Werner, F. E.
, A. Aretxabaleta, and K.Pehrson Edwards,
Modelling marine ecosystems and their environmental forcing.
In Marine Ecosystems and Climate Variation, (eds. ) N. C. Stenseth, G. Ottersen, J. W. Hurrell and A. Belgrano, 33–47, Oxford University Press, 2004.

Blanton et al. (2003)
An edited version of this paper was published by AGU. Copyright 2003 American Geophysical Union.
 Blanton, B. O.
, A. Aretxabaleta, F. E. Werner, and H. E. Seim,
Monthly climatology of  the continental shelf waters of the South Atlantic Bight,
J. Geophys. Res., 108(C8), 3264, doi:10.1029/2002JC001609,  2003

Seim et al. (2003)
Seim, H., B. Bacon, C. Barans, M. Fletcher, K. Gates, R. Jahnke, E. Kearns, R. Lea, M. Luther, C. Mooers, J. Nelson, D. Porter, L. Shay, M. Spranger, J. Thigpen, R. Weisberg, F. Werner
SEA-COOS – A Model for a Multi-State, Multi-Institutional Regional Observation System
MTS Journal, 37(3), 92-101, 2003.

Werner and Quinlan (2002)
Werner, F.E.
and J.A. Quinlan,
Fluctuations in marine fish populations: physical processes and numerical modeling.
ICES Marine Science Symposia, 215: 264-278, 2002.

Hench et al. (2002)
 Hench, J. L., B. O. Blanton, and R. A. Luettich,
Lateral dynamic analysis and classification of barotropic tidal inlets,
Cont. Shelf Res.,  22, 2615-2631, 2002

Werner et al. (2001)
Werner, F.E.
, J.A. Quinlan, R. G. Lough and D.R. Lynch,
Spatially-Explicit Individual Based Modeling of Marine Populations: A Review of the Advances in the 1990’s.
Sarsia 86: 411-421, 2001.

Werner and Blanton (2001)
 Werner, F. E.
, and B. O. Blanton,
Coastal ocean models,
 in Encyclopedia of Ocean Science,
 edited by T. Steele and Thorpe, pp. 472-480, Harcourt Press, 2001.

Werner et al. (2001)
Werner, F.E.
, B.R. Mackenzie, R.I. Perry, R.G. Lough, C.E. Naimie, B.O. Blanton, and J.A. Quinlan,
Larval trophodynamics, turbulence, and drift on Georges Bank: A sensitivity analysis of cod and haddock.
Sci. Mar., 63 (Suppl. 1): 99-115, 2001.

Blanton et al. (1999)
Blanton, J.O., F.E. Werner, A. Kapolnai, B.O. Blanton, D. Knott, and E.L. Wenner,
Wind-generated transport of fictitious passive larvae into shallow tidal estuaries.
Fish. Oceanogr. 8 (Suppl. 2): 210-223.

Checkley et al. (1999)
Checkley Jr., D.M., P.B. Ortner, F.E. Werner, L.R. Settle and S.R. Cummings,
Spawning habitat of the Atlantic menhaden in Onslow Bay, North Carolina.
Fish. Oceanogr. 8 (Suppl. 2): 22-36.

Hare et al. (1999)
Hare, J.A., J.A. Quinlan, F.E. Werner, B.O. Blanton, J.J. Govoni, R.B. Forward, L.R. Settle and D.E. Hoss,
Larval transport during winter in the SABRE study area: results of a coupled vertical larval behaviour-three-dimensional circulation model.
Fish. Oceanogr. 8 (Suppl. 2): 57-76.

Luettich et al. (1999)
Luettich Jr., R.A.,  J.L. Hench, C.W. Fulcher, F.E. Werner, B.O. Blanton, J.H. Churchill,
Barotropic tidal and wind-driven larval transport in the vicinity of a barrier island inlet.
Fish. Oceanogr. 8 (Suppl. 2): 190-209.

Quinlan et al. (1999)
Quinlan, J.A.
, B.O. Blanton, T.J. Miller and F.E. Werner,
From spawning grounds to the estuary: using linked individual-based and hydrodynamic models to interpret patterns and processes in the oceanic phase of Atlantic menhaden Brevoortia tyrannus life history.
Fish. Oceanogr. 8 (Suppl. 2): 224-246.

Stegmann et al. (1999)
Stegmann, P.M., J.A. Quinlan, F.E. Werner, B.O. Blanton, and P. Berrien,
Atlantic menhaden recruitment to a southern estuary: defining potential spawning regions.
Fish. Oceanogr. 8 (Suppl. 2): 111-123.

Werner et al. (1999)
Werner, F.E.
, B.O. Blanton, J.A. Quinlan and R.A. Luettich, Jr.,
Physical oceanography of the North Carolina continental shelf during the fall and winter seasons: implications for the transport of larval menhaden.
Fish. Oceanogr. 8 (Suppl. 2): 7-21.

Werner et al. (1997)
Werner, F.E.
, J.A. Quinlan, B.O. Blanton and R.A. Luettich Jr,
The role of hydrodynamics in explaining variability in fish populations.
J.  Sea Res. 37: 195-212.

Werner et al. (1993)
Werner, F.E.
, F.H. Page, D.R. Lynch, J.W. Loder, R.G. Lough, R.I. Perry, D.A. Greenberg and M.M. Sinclair,
Influences of mean advection and simple behavior on the distribution of cod and haddock early life stages on Georges Bank.
Fish. Oceanogr. 2:2, 43-64.

Conference Proceedings

Runge et al. (2000)
Runge, J., J. Quinlan, E. Durbin, F. Werner, G. Lough, L. Buckley, E. Caldarone, L. Incze, J. Manning, D. Mountain, B. Niehoff, S. Plourde
The effect of spatial and temporal variation in zooplankton concentrations on larval cod growth and survival on Georges Bank: a sensitivity analysis based on modeling and observations,
2000 ICES Annual Science Conference, 88th Statutory Meeting
27-30 September 2000, Brugge, Belgium

Werner et al. (2000)
Werner, F.E.,
R.G. Lough, J.A. Quinlan, L.J. Buckley, E. Durbin, L.S. Incze, J.A. Runge
Modeling growth of larval cod and haddock on Georges Bank: a synthesis of observations and model results for Spring 1995
2000 ICES Annual Science Conference, 88th Statutory Meeting
27-30 September 2000, Brugge, Belgium

Conference Abstracts, Posters and Presentations

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Internal Reports

Aretxabaleta (2003)
PhD Dissertation: Baroclinic Processes in Coastal Oceans: Observations and Modeling on Georges Bank and the South Atlantic Bight Continental Shelf

Blanton (2003)
PhD Dissertation - Towards Operational Modeling in the South Atlantic Bight

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